Severodvinsks orphans need your help

1. Kolibri orphanage for children with mental disabilities has 108 children ranging from 7 days to 4 years old. They need clothes, toys, food and money. Last year, we have collected the money to buy laser therapeutic medical equipment for the children in the orphanage.

If you would like to contribute to children living in the orphanage, please contact director Larisa Nikolaevna Mikhailova.

Russia, 164522, Arhangelskaya oblast',
bul'var Stroitelei' 27A,
Dom rebenka "Kolibri".

Telephone: 7 (8184) 52-31-91

2. Orphanage for children ages 4-18.

Director: Rimma Nikolaevna Chebykina.

Russia, 164520, Arhangelskaya oblast',
ul. Chesnokova, d.18-A
Detskij dom-internat.

Telephone: 7 (81842) 114-01

3. Olenenok orphanage is for children who are between 3-18 years old.

Director: Maria Mikhailovna Protasova.

Russia, 164509, Arhangelskaya oblast',
ul. Makarenko, d.20
Detskij dom "Olenenok".

Telephone: 7 (81842) 722-65

4. Severodvinsk public organization is for children between ages 7-16 who have hearing disabilities.

Director: Sergey N. Zverev

Russia, 164514, Arhangelskaya oblast',
Karl Marks street, 49 - 58.

Telephone: 7 (8184) 52-89-37

Please contact me if you need more information about the orphanage.

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